vintage pieces & antiquity restored for creatively designed environments
vintage pieces & antiquity restored for creatively designed environments
M2M Creative Pieces
---By Marcelo Milhassi--- Appointment only
1029 W 35 St - Zhou B Art Center
Chicago , IL 60606
Phone: (312) 532-5094 (312) 532-5094
E-mail Address:



Marcelo  Milhassi  is  a  young  Brazilian  artist, new  to  the  America  art scene  and he  is  also  Set  Designer / Builder for Crate and Barrel and CB2.


At his studio in the Zhou B Art Center – Chicago IL, Marcelo beautifully combines construction materials and other found objects and transforms them, giving them new life as objects of art and utility.


His aim is to create unique decorative objects, preserving their original functionality, and adding to them a native background, ecologically, recycling oriented, based on Brazilian art, including painting and handcraft works.


Moreover, the artist is able to even transform original artifacts parts into a new creative piece, exploiting his ability to assemble and mold art objects.


All attendees will have the opportunity to experience a unique chance to get in touch with exclusive pieces produced by this young Brazilian artist loaded of energy and native experience, with a naive ecological concern.

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