vintage pieces & antiquity restored for creatively designed environments
vintage pieces & antiquity restored for creatively designed environments
M2M Creative Pieces
---By Marcelo Milhassi--- Appointment only
1029 W 35 St - Zhou B Art Center
Chicago , IL 60606
Phone: (312) 532-5094 (312) 532-5094
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Authentic 19th and 20th Century objects recovered from demolition, antique pieces and furniture restored to its best aesthetic and functional state.


Marcelo brings back to life amazing and intriguing objects from the

past and converts great works design into art, for the past years he has been experimenting with incorporating recycling into some of his creations.


His process is a very fluid and intuitive one. 


An object that begins with one shape and one concept will often be changed again and again until, finally the piece has revealed itself as complete.


This process is nothing if not a constant gauge of his state of mind.

Looking for that special accent for your dream home? The M2M Creative Pieces stands for superb craftsmanship, elegant design and an all-natural approach.


Marcelo can customize a piece for you or if you have any piece at home that you like but needs a splash of creativity, contact us!


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